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Cherokeeangel's Home Page

Welcome (Ulihelisdi)

Hi, I'm Cherokeeangel.
     This is my website. my hubby Eagle_Spirit has put a lot of effort into making it a place to enjoy, but he is still not satisfied with it yet.
     My favorite hobbies are singing in my chior class at school, taking long drives, recording music, camping, hiking trails, and being with my internet friends.
     Here in this site on my links page I have found a sites that i like to go to, but if you have any more Native American sites that you have visited and you think I might like them too, then feel free to E-Mail me with them.





Udugi gvdi nihi nigadv alihelisdi aquatseli duquadadv ale igadv Tsalagi gawonihisdi. 
Hope you all enjoy our pages and some Cherokee language.

Ahani nahna aquqtseli duquadadv nihi wili awadvdi igadv anadalv, anadanvtli ale tsunalii ayv uha gotlonvhi nahna paltalk.
Here on my site you will find my sister's, brother's,and friend's I have made over the internet at paltalk.

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